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Craft with Heart™

A Subscription with Heart!

Creativity is more than something you do—it’s who you are. Keep your creativity flowing with Close To My Heart’s Craft with Heart™ club, where you receive regular deliveries of project kits that will keep you connected with your passion. Here’s how it works:


1 Decide

Decide how often you’d like to receive your Craft with Heart™ deliveries; you can choose to receive monthly deliveries or once every 4 months. See details below.


2 Deliver

We’ll deliver your creative projects to your doorstep on the schedule that you decide.


3 Done

Completing the Cut Above® layout kits that come in your delivery is a snap—you’ll be done in no time!


May Layout
May Layout


June Layout
June Layout


July Layout
July Layout


August Layout
August Layout

Choose and Save

Select from these payment and delivery options:



  • $12.00 S&H, monthly

  • Billed and shipped monthly
  • Receive 1 kit each month


10% discount!

  • $12.00 S&H, every 4 months

  • Billed and shipped every 4 months
  • Receive 4 kits every 4 months


20% discount!

  • FREE S&H

  • Billed annually, shipped every 4 months
  • Receive 4 kits, every 4 months
  • 30 free prints from Persnickety Prints, every 4 months
Best Value
All subscriptions renew automatically. Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Craft with Heart™?

    Craft with Heart™ is a subscription featuring Cut Above® layout kits offered at monthly, 4-month, and 12-month intervals. Decide how often you would like to receive Craft with Heart™ deliveries and receive exclusive Cut Above® layout kits delivered straight to your doorstep.

  2. How much does a Craft with Heart™ subscription cost?

    You have three Craft with Heart™ subscription options depending on how often you want to receive your Craft with Heart™ deliveries.

    • Monthly subscription: $34, plus $12.00 shipping, delivered monthly
    • 4-month subscription: $122.40 after 10% discount, plus $12.00 shipping, delivered three times a year
    • 12-month subscription: $326.40 after 20% discount, FREE shipping, delivered three times a year!
  3. When will I be billed?

    Billing occurs when you subscribe for the first time, and then on the first of the month depending on your choice of subscription.

    • Monthly subscriptions: on the first of each month
    • 4-month subscriptions: on the first of January, May, and September
    • 12-month subscriptions: on the first of January, May, or September, depending on when you originally subscribed
      • Subscribe from January to April, billing occurs on 1 January
      • Subscribe from May to August, billing occurs on 1 May
      • Subscribe from September to December, billing occurs on 1 September
  4. When will my Craft with Heart™ subscription ship?

    Your subscription will typically ship within the two to four business days from when you first subscribe online. After your first delivery, your kit(s) will ship within the first three days of the month, depending on your choice of subscription.

  5. Can I give a Craft with Heart™ subscription as a gift?

    Of course! Choose the subscription option you’d like to give as a gift and sign up online. You can designate a different recipient and shipping address for your gift when you purchase the subscription.

  6. How can I cancel my Craft with Heart™ subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you choose to cancel your subscription, log into your account here on the Close To My Heart website. Under your Account, select “Subscriptions”, then select “Edit”, and then select the option to cancel. Make sure you cancel your subscription before billing for your next delivery occurs, according to your subscription cycle. You will continue to receive any remaining layout kits through the end of your current subscription.

  7. How do I update my billing or shipping information?

    You can easily update billing or shipping information by logging into your Account here on the Close To My Heart website. Under your Account, select “Subscriptions”, and then select “Edit”. This will allow you to make any changes to your billing or shipping information.